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December 2018: Works on Topographically Anisotropic Photonics selected for OPN's special issue on Optics in 2018 that "highlights 30 major achievements of the year in optical science, engineering and technology" 

December 2018: Invited paper Heterogeneous Nonlinear Integrated Photonics is featured on the cover of the corresponding issue of IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics

September 2018: S. Fathpour shares three stories on OSA webpage: His work in integrated photonics, his mentorship, and how he decided on his career path

August 2018: S. Fathpour promoted to Full Professor of Optics and Photonics

July 2018: Article Thinking beyond Conventional Silicon Photonics, featured in the PIC magazine

September 2017: S. Fathpour elected Fellow of OSA, The Optical Society

April 2017: Topical review paper chosen as paper of the week in the Journal of Optics

March 2017: S. Fathpour receives the College Research Incentive Award

March 2017: S. Fathpour receives the College Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award

February 2017: Research and commercialization efforts featured in Florida High Tech Corridor magazine

May 2016: Paper coauthored by S. Fathpour among the most impactful papers from third of a century history of Journal of Lightwave Technology 

April 2015: S. Fathpour receives the UCF Reach for the Stars Award 

January 2015: J. Chiles wins the College Student of the Year Award

December 2014: Paper coauthored by S. Fathpour entitled "Silicon Photonics" among top 20 cited papers in Journal of Lightwave Technology

November 2014: Paper published in Optica on mid-infrared integrated photonics highlighted in Opli and other news sites

July 2014: J. Chiles wins the IEEE Photonics Society 2014 Summer Topical Meeting Student Paper Award

August 2014: S. Fathpour promoted to tenured Associate Professor

December 2013: Research on optical delay lines on silicon highlighted in Advances in Engineering

November 2013: Research on lithium-niobate-on-silicon photonics highlighted in Laser Focus World, Photonics Online and other news sites

May 2013: S. Fathpour receives the university's Teaching Incentive Program (TIP) Award

April 2013: S. Fathpour receives the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Young Investigator Award

March 2013: S. Fathpour receives the College's Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award

March 2013: S. Fathpour elevated to Senior Member of the IEEE Photonics Society

May 2012: S. Fathpour elevated to Senior Member of  OSA, the Optical Society

May 2012: S. Fathpour is appointed as the Vice-Chair of Short Courses at CLEO (Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics)


January 2012: S. Fathpour receives the NSF CAREER Award for proposal on "Mid-Infrared Photonic Devices and Integrated Circuits on Silicon"

January 2012: New book, co-edited by S. Fathpour published by CRC Press: "Silicon Photonics for Telecommunications and Biomedicine


August 2011: IPES Lab paper "Electronically Tunable Silicon Photonic Delay Lines" highlighted in Nature Photonics

July 2011: S. Fathpour
elevated to  Senior Member of the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE)
May 2011: S. Fathpour teaches a Short Course on “Silicon photonics” at the CLEO 2011 conference in Baltimore, MD
November 2009: Book chapter on “Energy Efficiency in Silicon Photonics“ published in in Silicon Nanophotonics by John Wiley & Sons
October 2009: S. Fathpour’s invited talk at the OSA Annual Meeting highlighted by
June 2009: Featured article on “Green silicon photonics” published and made it to the cover of Optics and Photonic News





Book on silicon photonics

co-edited by Prof. Fathpour:

Invited paper featured on the cover of the issue of Journal of Quantum Electronics:

Featured article makes it to the cover of Optics and Photonic News: