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Press Coverage
August 2017: 3D Printing Industry:

UCF and UT win $400k for micro 3D printed light-bending research

August 2017:

3D Printing News Roundup: Australian dental industry, Ancient Greek artifacts, photon funnels, beginner’s guide to DLP & SLA 3D printing


February 2017: Florida High Tech Corridor magazine:

Sending Data at the Speed of Light

November 2014: UCF Today and      

CREOL Researchers Develop Key Photonic Device at Challenging Wavelength


UCF Today

 December 2013: Advances in Engineering:

Demonstration of tunable optical delay lines based on apodized grating waveguides 


November 2013: Laser Focus World:

CREOL researchers create integrated optical lithium-niobate-on-silicon devices


November 2013: Photonics Online:

CREOL Researchers Create Integrated Optical Lithium-Niobate-On-Silicon Devices 

Photonics Online

November 2013: UCF Today and       

Researchers Develop Next-Generation Platform for Integrated Photonics                   

UCF Today

November 2013: Orlando Business Journal:

UCF researchers develop next-generation photonics platform  

Orlando Business Journal

April 2013:


Photonic Researchers Among Young Investigator Recipients





 April 2013: Orlando Business Journal:

Two UCF researchers awarded $1.2M in grants

Orlando Business Journal

April 2013: UCF Today:   

2 UCF Researchers Earn Combined $1.2 Million in Navy Grants                        

UCF Today

 February 2012: Orlando Business Journal:

 UCF Photonics Researcher Wins NSF Award

Orlando Business Journal

January 2012: UCF Today:                                       

Photonics Researcher Receives NSF Award

UCF Today

August 2011: Paper on "Electronically tunable silicon photonic delay Lines" highlighted in Nature Photonics

October 2009: and UCF Today highlight Prof. Fathpour's invited talk: Silicon Chips May Go ’Green’



UCF Today


Press Coverage of Research on Energy Harvesting in Silicon Photonics (circa 2006-07):


─ EE Times: “Silicon laser harnessed”
─ MIT Technology Review: “Self-Powered Silicon Laser Chips”
─ The New Scientist: “Energy harvesting can boost optoelectronic efficiency”
─ Science News: “Power Play: Shift from loss to gain may boost silicon devices”
─ Photonics Spectra: “Raman Amplifier in Silicon Generates Electrical Power”
─ Electronic Design: “Military R&D 101 (Free Energy)”
─ “Scientists Announce Breakthrough in Silicon Photonics Devices”
─ Laser Focus World Magazine: “UCLA Engineering announces another silicon photonics breakthrough”
─ “New Approach Announced in Si Photonic Devices”
─ “Silicon photonics solves its "fundamental problem"”
─ United Press International: “UCLA creates new silicon photonics devices”
─ Technology News Daily: “Breakthrough in Silicon Photonics Devices”
─ Planet Analog: ”Silicon laser harnessed”"
─ ACM Tech News: “UCLA Engineering Announces Breakthrough in Silicon Photonics Devices”
─ ZP Energy: “Scientists Announce Breakthrough in Silicon Photonics Devices”
─ Engineer Online (UK): “Silicon Photonics Breakthrough”
─ “Silicon Photonic Breakthrough”
─ Advanced nanotechnology: “other tech: Silicon photonics advance”
─ “UCLA creates new silicon photonics devices”"
─ Post Chronicle: “UCLA Creates New Silicon Photonics Devices”
─ Political Gateway: “UCLA creates new silicon photonics devices”
─ Science Blog: “Breakthrough in Silicon Photonics Devices”
─ Iran Daily: “Breakthrough in Silicon Photonics Devices”
─ “Breakthrough in Silicon Photonics Devices”
─ Daily Bruin: “Silicon uses may advance technology”
─ “Scientists Announce Breakthrough in Silicon Photonics Devices”
─ The All I need: “Breakthrough in Silicon Photonics Devices”
─ Net World Directory: “Breakthrough in Silicon Photonics Devices”
─ Inovacao Tecnologica: “Componente de silício combina amplificação de luz e efeito fotovoltaico”